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Customization with Perfection
Functional workwear is the key to productivity. Appropriate dress goes beyond comfort and appearance. It can actually impact employee's productivity. The right workwear provides for necessary flexibility and movement, with fabrics, styling and durability suited for the job.

Embroidery, trims and print are our specialty. With a choice of methods for different types of garments, there's something to suit your needs. Show your business and workforce as a team by having your clothing badged with your corporate indentity. With a uniform program customized for your business and the workplace environments your team will encounter, you can be sure that clothes won't get in the way of the work!

FT Protective Line workwears can be customized with a variety of materials. Customized graphics can be applied as embroidered logo. Reflective trims & accessories or detailing to make these garments reflect your brand guidelines – or to make them completely unique.
        Safety Improved                              The right workwear can play a large role in on-the-job safety, providing necessary protection from workplace hazards; visibility for outdoor/nighttime work; and more. A well-designed uniform program focuses on safety, combining comfort, durability, and the nature of the work being performed.

  Security Enhanced   A consistent uniform program adds to the security of a job site. Requiring all crew members to wear recognizable clothing makes it easier to keep tabs on who belongs and who doesn't. It also identifies employees to customers and clients during off-site meetings or visits which are important factors in todays security-conscious world.
  Image Registered   Customers can often be reluctant to open their doors to workers they can't immediately identify. Employees in uniform are easily recognizable, putting your customers at ease and helping to ensure repeat business.
  Get the Benefits of Mobile Advertising   Logo-imprinted apparel works double-duty if your employees are out on job sites making sales or service calls or otherwise working outside of the office. Everywhere an employee goes, your logo goes, thus building added awareness and name recognition, and stretching your advertising dollars!

  Research Shows   People have greater confidence in companies with uniformed employees. We offer a wide range of customized workwear that clearly identifies your employees to customers, promoting credibility and trust. With our own in house design and production staff who can identify and advise the best method of application, we will ensure that your order is completed to the highest quality.

Steps to Customize your PPE

Various PPE items like work coveralls, trousers, helmets, reflective vests and more are available for customization under our URSPEC program.

Choose colors of your workwear, pocket design, reflective tapes and reinforcements. Different placement options and color themes are available to customize your uniforms that will greatly represent your company!

Our team will make and submit to you the artwork design of your customized PPE for your verification and approval. Once all designs are approved and finalized, it will be submitted to our production team.

You can now enjoy the benefits of having your customized PPEs completed to the highest quality. URSPEC is a perfect method to represent your company and give your employees comfort, necessary flexibility and functionality suited for the job.


Professionally Design Logos
URSPEC® computerized embroidery is the perfect method to represent your company. Embroidered images can be applied to the garments at the size and position you require.
URSPEC® will re-create your logo exactly as you expect it, with up to 12 thread colors.

• Strengthens your corporate identity
• Builds industry recognition
• Creates a professional image
• Provides on-the-job recognition
• Increases employee pride

URSPEC® offer wide selection of emblem background and border combinations to complement whatever the garment color or pattern may be. Emblems are great choice as they provide flexibility should an employee’s position or name change.


Reflective Striping

There are certain workplaces that have very many hazards and workers are required to wear high visibility clothing to ensure that they remain safe. In workplaces such as construction sites, transport companies, warehouses, factories and roadwork, it is crucial to wear high visibility clothing for your own safety. The high visibility clothing will prevent employees from getting cuts, chemical and biological hazards, static electricity and high voltages.

URSPEC® provides unique customized reflective product that enhance the wearer’s safety where geater visibility is essential.

The importance of being seen can’t be under estimated – it can play a big part in preventing accidents and saving lives.

Measuring Guidelines
Measuring yourself to ensure that your workwear fits well is important to maintaining a professional appearance. Maintaining your professional appearance can be a stepping stone to new job opportunities with your company, and even raises. When measuring yourself for work wear, it’s best to enlist the help of a family member, friend, or tailor. It can be hard to properly reach the tape measure around yourself and get the correct measurement, so having help ensures that you will get correct measurements for your work pants, work shirts, coveralls, and/or jackets. Before you begin, you will need a tape measure, assistant, and a pencil and paper to take down your measurements.



Measuring for men’s workwear consists of taking five measurements: neck, chest, sleeve, waist, and inseam as seen in our measuring chart.
  1. Neck size - Measure lightly around your neck with the tape measure.
  2. Chest size - Reach the tape measure around the fullest part of your chest, under your arms and around your shoulder blades. If your stomach is bigger than your chest size, use the larger size.
  3. Sleeve length - Reach your arm out to the side, measure length from center back of your neck, out to your elbow, and back up to your wrist.
  4. Waist size - Measure around your natural waist, above your hip bones. Measure over a shirt, not over pants, to ensure proper fit.
  5. Inseam -Your inseam is the length of pants from crotch to hem. Hold the tape measure at the base of your crotch seam, and measure down the inside of your leg to the top of your shoe.

Measuring for women’s workwear consists of taking four measurements: bust, waist, hips, and inseam.
  1. Bust size - Measure under your arm. Reach the length of tape measure around your shoulder blades, under your other arm, and across the fullest part of your chest.
  2. Waist size - Measure around your natural waistline. The number of inches shown is your waist size for ordering work pants.
  3. Hip size - When measuring your hip, seat and beginning measuring 7-8 inches below your natural waistline, wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your hips.
  4. Inseam - Measure down the inside of your leg to the top of your shoe. The number of inches shown is the proper inseam length for ordering work pants and coveralls.

Measuring for a good fit is an important step in ordering workwear, and maintaining a professional appearance.
URSPEC PPE Customization Program
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