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SCHOELLER-BLECKMANN NITEC, member of Christof Group, specializes in manufacturing equipments for the fertilizer and petrochemical industries. SBN’s products have received worldwide reputation as superior quality process equipment manufacturer, who specializes in manufacturing of apparatus for Ammonia and Urea Plants.
History of SBN dates back to 1862, when Alexander Schoeller acquired the iron and steelworks in Ternitz. SCHOELLER-BLECKMANN began fabrication of apparatus for chemical, food & beverages industries in 1935 and was taken over in 1996 by Nooter Corp., St. Louis, Mo. SBN was taken over in April 2008 by the Christof Group. SBN has gained the position as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of top-quality high-pressure equipment and is massively supported by its affiliate company – ACE, also a leading manufacturer of Process Apparatus.
Production Range - Typical equipment produced by SBN:

Fertilizer Industry - Urea
For these critical plants SBN produces high-pressure heat exchangers and reactors that are cladded in high corrosion-resistant materials, together with the necessary built-in components such as liquid distribution systems, perforated sieve trays, etc. Materials used include heat-resistant carbon steels and austenitic chrome-nickel steels. The tube-to-tubesheet welding in the heat exchangers is carried out using computer-controlled welding machines with a special SBN-developed technology.

Carbamate Condenser

HP Stripper

HP Scrubber
 • High-pressure Vessels
     for Urea Synthesis

  • Stripper
  • Scrubber
  • Pool- Condenser
  • Pool reactor
  • Reactor
High-pressure Vessels-Ammonia Synthesis
SBN can provide a range of high-pressure vessels to cover the complete process spectrum for ammonia plants. From primary and secondary reformers and various gas scrubbing stages with high corrosion stress and high-pressure vessels for ammonia synthesis to connecting pipework.

Materials used particularly include temperature-resistant chrome-nickel steels and nickel-based alloys as well as pressurized hydrogen resistant steels.

Synthesis Gas Heat

Converter Shell

Polyethylene High-Pressure Seperator

Polyethylene High-Pressure
Seperator in production
SBN and the Chemical and Petrochemical Industries
For many years SBN has been supplying high-pressure vessels and components for the chemical and petrochemical industries. Whether it’s a question of processing crude oil and gas to the most diverse intermediates and finished products, the manufacture of olefins and polyolefins or the vast segment of plastics chemistry.
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