MD's Message

The story of FLOWTRONIX (FT) is one of challenges, pioneering, and trust in the future. Operating from our home office in Abu Dhabi-UAE for over three decades, where we first started to be developed into an integrated multi divisional manufacturing and services company. We today operate with our three divisions of
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Engineering and Process Equipment (EPE),
and Technical Manpower Support Services (TSS).

We believe that our success is largely due to our founding principles:
"Commitment to Quality," "Sustainable Development," and "Unwavering Drive."
These values extend to all of our relationships with customers, employees, and business partners. Building on these founding philosophies, we have built a company in which all employees interact on the basis of responsibility and ethics.
With our customer-centric, solutions-oriented approach, we believe we can be the kind of partner that collaborates with you to deliver solutions with meaningful and quantifiable value.
We are aware that we need to make long strides and invest efforts to fulfill our vision. As the key to achieving our vision, we will steadfastly adhere to our core business philosophy of stable growth, product innovation, and internal harmony and cooperation. We hope you will continue to share in our success with us.



Forward-looking, responsible leadership is fundamental to FLOWTRONIX's corporate culture. Our Executive Management Board is dedicated to realizing a lasting increase in corporate value, pursuing that objective with openness, passion and high standards.

The trusting relationship between Executive Management Board & its team is the basis of FLOWTRONIX's corporate culture of transparency and mutual respect.

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Heart of the Business

At FLOWTRONIX (FT), we promise to do whatever it takes to help you succeed. We know that by understanding our customers better, we can deliver better solutions to their challenges. This customer-first philosophy is what makes us different from other companies. It's a concept that's built into our company DNA and it runs through everything we do. FT operational code establishes principles for business conduct applicable throughout our FT Team, regardless of our location. We work with local customs, norms, laws or regulations, and set ourselves to the highest standard of behavior.

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Quality Policy

As one of the region’s leading companies in our respective domain, we have a responsibility to set high standards. We recognizes the complex global business environment and takes personal responsibility for the conduct of FLOWTRONIX’s business practices.
FLOWTRONIX is a modern, dynamic, sprightly led company that never stands still. We pride in our values of being in touch with our customers, society and our communities, accessible and open, comprehensive and diverse.
FLOWTRONIX is a business which is committed to Quality. We recognizes the need to constantly look at and improve our own organization. We work closely with our manufacturing and services team to continually develop quality products that provide excellent quality for money. As FLOWTRONIX continues to grow, we invest more in research and development for the new products range.

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From our drivers to our top management, the people of FLOWTRONIX (FT) are committed to your success. At FT, our team works in a truly ethical organization, where an individual's talent, creativity, and initiative can excel. We treat each other and our customers with the utmost integrity. Our work place is built on foundations where honesty and ethical behavior are imperative. This founding tradition continues today, and FT management expects employees to do the right thing, even when the ethical choice carries a cost. Our work ethics are designed to be simple and straight forward.

Social Responsibility

We have always taken responsibility for our actions. This concept is deeply rooted into FLOWTRONIX’s approach and forms an important element of our corporate culture.
All FLOWTRONIX employees carry the responsibility of protecting lives. After all, whenever our products are used, people entrust us with their most valued possession – their life. This responsibility doesn’t just apply to the here and now, but also to ensuring quality of life for years to come.
At the same time we’re helping our clients implement sustainable business practices and products; we’re doing the same throughout our facilities. We recognize that the investments we make now will result in savings for us and the planet down the road. We also continue to reduce our environmental impact and are helping our customers reduce theirs. We continue to expand our line of environmentally friendly products & encourage recycling/ re-use.
That’s why we get involved in issues far beyond the boundaries of our company grounds – for our customers, our employees, and for society as a whole. In our commitment & responsibility towards the broader social landscape, FT annually invests funds & resources to improve the quality of life of communities by developing educational and medical centers in regions of severe need in coordination with local and international NGOs.