PROOF | Industrial Proximity Suit

Industrial Proximity Suit

#47218FT500(J) 53218FT500(T)

Outer Layer: Aluminized Texturized Fiberglass, Thermal Barrier: Q9 Quilted Nomex Face Fabric and Batting. Stands against radiant heat up to 1650 degrees C.


Standards:  EN ISO 11612, ASTM

Specification:  Designed with narrow collar, raglan sleeves for mobility, zipper closure with Velcro storm fly, snap adjustable sleeves, integrated breathing apparatus pouch. Pants with Velcro fly, sewn-in suspenders and pant cuffs cinch for fit. Dome style hood, full shoulder length drape, rounded bib, PC lens with a gold film, alumized 3-finger gauntlet gloves and boots.

Sizes:  Small - 4XL


Reflects 95% of radiant heat | Radiant temperatures up to 3000deg F (1650°C) | Includes ballistic nylon duffle bag