Flowtronix (FT) does not only strive to be the leading and successful provider of PPE solutions but moreover, it aims to be the industry’s top PPE educator and business partner.

FT Safety Made Easy is a knowledge based program which offers articles on all topics related to work safety and standards. This intends to educate people to give broaden picture of what the industry is and how PPE can protect or even save your life.



PPE education is one of FT’s top priorities, always considering the safety of every employee. We always strive to make helpful trainings, seminars and giving technical articles that will be accessible for everyone. This program will help you achieve deeper knowledge and critical insights of various industries and the hazards associated with it, international health and safety standards and test methods. Training courses and seminars can be prepared according to your needs of health and safety in your workplace. FT will be your business partner in providing safety solutions and relative information of your PPE.
Safety Made Easy – Equipping you with Quality Information.



Customer service is a big part of who we are here at Flowtronix. We’ve helped hundreds of companies across the country in virtually every industry. From tackling their toughest challenges to addressing everyday needs, we love that our customers know they can count on us for industrial solution needs. After all, our customers’ successes are our successes.